Immersion Heater Controller

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Immersion Heater Controller


An Economy 7 Immersion Heater Controller can be fitted to any cylinder or thermal store where electric immersion heaters are installed.

Where hot water is heated by off peak electricity it is important that the immersion heater controller offers ease of use coupled with the most efficient performance. This is
where the Horstmann Electronic 7 Series 3 controller comes into its own.

  • Compatible with most cheap rate or off peak tariff structures, the Electronic 7 is fully interchangeable with all past and present Horstmann Economy 7 controllers
  • Built in clock – automatic Summer / Winter time change
  • Up to three off peak settings per 24 hours
  • Programmable and manual boost
  • Programme security feature
  • Suitable for use with single, dual or twin element immersion heaters


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