DS-3 – Buffer Thermal Store, Cylinder with Hot Water Plate Heat Exchanger – 220-500ltr

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This system is designed to work in conjunction with a wood pellet boiler. The system includes a plate heat exchanger assembly to generate mains pressure hot water, fitted with thermostatic mixing valve to control output temperatures.

A circulation pump and loading valve must be fitted as close as possible to the wood pellet boiler, inline with manufacturers recommendations. Contact Thermal Integration for prices.It is assumed that the system will be pressurised and as such the store is fitted with a pressure and temperature relief valve.

It is also assumed that expansion relief is provided by the pressure relief valve fitted within the pellet boiler, the filling loop is fitted separately (or in the boiler), and an additional expansion vessel may be required to cope with total system volume.


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MaterialDuplex Stainless Steel LDX 2101
Base Diameter220ltr - 250ltr = 450mm, 300ltr = 500mm, 390 -500 = 600mm
Overall Diameter220ltr - 250ltr = 530mm, 300ltr = 560mm, 390 -500 = 660mm
Storage CapacityFrom 220-500 Litres
Store PressurePressurised
Heat InputPellet Boiler
DHW OutputPlate heat exchanger assembly, including 40 plate heat exchanger (100kW, 35 litres/minute), store circuit pump with fitted isolating valves, thermostatic mixing valve, 1’’ (22mm) for high flow and high temperatures, and thermostatic pump flow control.
Maximum Mains Pressure6 bar
Electric Back-Up3kW fitted immersion heater with control thermostat and overheat thermostat. Includes dry-fire protection.


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