Boiler Coil for Pandora Unit

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Boiler Coil – 28mm, 6.9m, (13.8kw)
For up to 400litre units (Includes 1 x 1/2″ Tapping)


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MaterialDuplex Stainless Steel LDX 2101
Base Diameter600mm
Overall Diameter660mm
Storage Capacity300litres
Store PressureUn-Pressurised
Heat InputImersion Heaters
DHW OutputPlate heat exchanger assembly, including 40 plate heat exchanger (100kW, 35 litres/minute), store circuit pump with fitted isolating valves, thermostatic mixing valve, 1’’ (22mm) for high flow and high temperatures, and thermostatic pump flow control.
Maximum Mains Pressure6 bar
Electric Back-Up3kW fitted immersion heater with control thermostat and overheat thermostat. Includes dry-fire protection.
Feed & ExpansionIntegral 12 litre vented expansion vessel, air vent with evaporation protection, anti-vacuum valve, filling point, and filling hose. No discharge pipe required from store. No separate feed and expansion tank required.
Chemical Protection2 litres of corrosion inhibitor to be added.
Servicing RequirementsRefreshing of corrosion inhibitor every two years. Visual checks and operation checks as per client requirements (minimum every 5 years).


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